Newest 100mW High Power Green Laser Pointer
This is the newest style of our already extensive Green Lasers collection, this thin 532nm 100mw laser


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  • Green 100mw laser pointer

    This laser pointer 100mw is FDA approval design for safe operation. The laser pen is strictly designed to achieve FDA safety standard. The Tail Steady light switch design.

    Using Laser Pointers for Stargazing
    Unlike the beams of red or blue lasers, the beam of a green laser is actually visible. This makes green laser pointers well suited for stargazing because spectators can see the beam going all the way from the laser pointer up to the star at which it is pointing. Users can take their laser pointers in hand, or even attach them to telescopes, in order to align the telescopes with certain stars.

  • Green Star Laser Pointer 10mW


    Use it for your next presentation and everybody will know that you are ahead of the latest technology,Our laser pointers are supplied with batteries and include a 1 year guarantee.Green-beam laser pointers achieve their color with a higher beam wavelength than red pointers.