5in1 30mW Green Laser Pointer Green Laser Pointer

5000mw laser pointer is the most powerful 532nm portable laser in the world. Long distance visibility ray brings the ability to burn more tremendous i


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  • 5000mw laser pointer

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    BlueTor 100mw laser is the most exclusive of TorLaser, being the only blue (445nm), also achieved its incredible power: 2000mW (the actual highest achieved in a portable laser pointer).
    This power allows it to be the brightest and most spectacular of our catalog and surely the greatest power that has burn.

  • powerful handheld laser world. laser pen shop are usually made as flashlight laser energy


    Wicked Laser Pointer firm based in Hong Kong submitted a laser pointer equipped with a blue laser diode equal to the inside of a reader Blu Ray.The laser comes complete presentation boxes around secure storage and protection against dust. Batteries are included, there is no problem with outside storage (24 hours delivery) world trade.